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I understand that many people have been taught that person-first language is the respectful way to refer to people with disabilities – and indeed this is the case for many disability groups and communities. It is not the preference for many people in the autism community. I choose to use the word ‘autistic’ throughout my articles and blog, and I explain more about that here and here.

Just a word that I made up.

I want this to be a safe space, and for me that means having comments turned off. I want to protect both myself and my readers from spam and trolls, and it can be really time-consuming to monitor comments. That’s time that I’d rather spend writing more content. The internet is also a noisy place, and sometimes it can be nice to have a quiet corner to read and think away from the chatter.

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Sorry, Snagglebox is an ad-free zone. I don’t accept guest posts, sponsored posts, advertising or requests to promote anything.

Sorry, Snagglebox is an ad-free zone. I don’t accept guest posts, sponsored posts, advertising or requests to promote anything.

Snagglebox is…

Autism support for everybody

  • Honest, practical help

  • Lots of encouragement

  • Useful info explained simply

In a sensory-friendly space

  • No ads or sponsored content

  • No sounds or flashy things

  • No pop-ups


I hope the info here on Snagglebox helps to create positive experiences for you and the autistic people in your life.

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People saying nice things…

“Your insight into autism and the challenges that face those on the spectrum was life changing for my family”


“I’m a teaching assistant, and it’s such a pleasure visiting Snagglebox”


“Couldn’t have been written any better! So comprehensive and easy to digest”


“Your webinars are so clear and easy to understand, very accessible for everyone and packed with practical tips”


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