‘I Need Help’ Advocacy Support Cards

A visual way for students to express their needs

Snagglebox Advocacy Support Cards cover

The cards in this pack give students an easy non-verbal way to tell someone what they need, or to remember the kinds of help that they can ask for.

Being able to communicate your needs is a really important part of building independence and self-confidence, especially in the classroom.

Students with autism, ADHD and other learning disabilities can find this difficult to do, especially when they’re frustrated or distressed. They may not remember how to ask for help, who they can ask or the right words to use.

These cards are designed to make it easier for them to get help.

So easy to make! Just print and cut, and you’re ready to go.

Snagglebox Help cards preview
Autism Classroom Essentials Kit cover

This resource is part of the Autism Classroom Essentials Kit

Help your students to become confident self-advocates!