Making The Most Of A Good Day

How to get maximum benefits when things are going well

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It’s easy to find advice about how to manage the occasional bad day. Take it easy, eat a good breakfast, hang in there. Scream. But what if most of your days are like that? What if the bad days are your life? What happens when a good day comes along?

I’m ridiculously good at the bad days.

They feel comfortable to me, I know what to expect. My brain automatically kicks into action and does its thing. But a good day? My brain is all “Whoa, hang on a second here. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with this.”

I’m not talking about appreciating good moments in an otherwise awful day, or changing your viewpoint to turn the bad moments into good ones. I’m talking about the kind of day where everything goes right. Where you get some awesome news or your kid finally does something they’ve been struggling with forever or a truck stops and piles money all over your front lawn.

Genuinely good days like that can be hard to come by, but really easy to squander. So, behold! My handy dandy guide to making the most of a good day.

Acknowledge it

Take a moment to just sit and go “You know what? Wow. This day is awesome.”

Enjoy it

Drop whatever you had going on and savour the moment. Cherish that thing like a baby duckling made of tissue paper.

Go with it

Don’t think about it being temporary. Don’t even let the thought enter your head. Cut it off at the T. If you get to “temp” you’ve gone too far.

Save the crap

Don’t let your brain trick you into letting the bad stuff in. Leave that for some other time. It’s a good day, brain! Deal with it!

Share it

Hug people. Smile a lot. Call your mum.

Take photos

Tired brains aren’t good at making memories. It doesn’t have to be anything huge or exciting, just something that will take you back to the happy place later when you need it. An envelope. The smiley head of your kids. An unused packet of pull-ups.

Don’t feel guilty

Having good times doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten how sucky it is for other people or that you’re not trying hard enough. You’re allowed to feel awesome every now and then.

Eat really good stuff

Food doesn’t taste good when you’re having a crappy day, so make the most of it.

I hope you have to cope with a good day soon!

14 August, 2012 by Bec Oakley

Bec Oakley is an autistic writer and proud parent, with an intense passion for 80s text adventures, Twizzlers and making the world a better place for autistic people and their families.