How To Make A Sensory Cocoon In 30 Seconds

Make a quick sensory haven in under a minute!

The world can be a pretty overwhelming place for kids with hypersensitive sensory systems. Lights, sound, colours, smells, the touch of clothes against their skin, the flickering of the TV screen… it all gets in and can be hard to shut off.

When things get to be too much they need an escape from all the stimulation. That’s not always easy to manage though, especially when bedrooms are shared with siblings or you’re visiting at someone else’s house.

So here’s a quick solution using something everyone has lying around at home!

  1. Grab a fitted sheet (single bed size is best)
  2. Pop it over the top of the sofa – the elastic ends of the sheet go over the arms
  3. Pull the sides down across the back and front (the entire sofa should be covered)
  4. Hey presto, an instant sensory haven!
  5. Hold the front side of the sheet open like a door so your kids can crawl inside

The best part about this is you can carry a fitted sheet with you just about anywhere. It won’t block out much noise, but definitely helps calm visual overload and gives kids somewhere they can go amidst the chaos to chill and reset. And besides, who doesn’t love a fort?

To make it extra comfy, tuck a snuggly blanket into the sofa cushions first. My kids both love it and can spend hours in there – reading or playing on the iPad.

Hmm, I wonder if it works for grown-ups…

14 April, 2012 by Bec Oakley


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Bec Oakley is an autistic writer and proud parent, with an intense passion for 80s text adventures, Twizzlers and making the world a better place for autistic people and their families.