Autism Group Work Support Kit


Tools to help autistic students find success with team work

Autism Group Work Support Kit cover

Students with autism can feel a lot of stress during group work activities, so these students need extra support to help them perform well in a team.

This big 10 pack resource bundle helps students recognize and get to know their team, remember their tasks and learn how to be an effective group member:

  • ‘Find My Group’ cards

  • Low-stress icebreaker games

  • Group role task cards

  • Team badges & table labels

  • Teamwork rules posters

  • ‘Working in Groups’ social story

  • Troubleshooting worksheet

  • Turn tracker

  • Activity summary & Post-activity reflection

Bonus booklet: Why can group work be hard for students with autism?

Snagglebox Autism Group Work Support Kit bonus

1. ‘Find My Group’ cards
Matching card sets to help students find someone to work with without needing to rely on social skills or facial recognition.

2. Icebreaker games
Fun warm-up activities to introduce group roles and help team mates get to know each other!

3. Group role task cards
Pictorial card sets that describe the important jobs that team members need to do 
(e.g. write, report, track time).

4. Team badges and table labels
Fun matching badges and table labels can be used as a visual tool to help students remember and find their group.

5. Group rule posters
Colorful reminders of positive group work behaviours!

6. ‘Working in Groups’ social story
Explains why group work is important, what happens when working in a group and gives suggestions for things to say.

7. Troubleshooting worksheet
Discuss the kinds of problems a team might have and what to do about them, and 
suggest helpful phrases to use.

8. Turn tracker
Helps students record how many times each team member has taken a turn or added an idea.

9. Activity summary
A visual reminder of who is in their group and what they need to do.

10. Post-activity reflection
Students review their group experience and how well their team worked together!

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Students with autism often feel a great deal of stress during group work activities. It can be an extremely emotionally, physically and mentally draining exercise for them, so these students need extra support to help them perform well in a team.

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