Autism Classroom Essentials Kit


Tools to help your students with autism feel safe and successful

Autism Classroom Essentials Kit cover

A great value bundle of 9 resource packs to help you support autistic students in your classroom:

Snagglebox Autism Classroom Essentials Kit

There’s a huge pack of schedule cards, supports for calming down, visual supports for managing transition stress, an ‘I need help’ advocacy card pack, back to school activities, group work support kit and more!

Click the links above to learn more about each resource pack, or download the Autism Classroom Essentials Kit preview for more info.

1. The Big Bumper Pack of Schedule Cards
Huge pack of 150+ cards in 12 different designs. Mix and match sets, use cards to highlight special activities or use a different set for each student. Includes analog and digital clocks!

2. Transition Counter Pack
Easy-to-make visual supports to help guide students through a transition using a countdown sequence.

3. ‘I Need Help’ Advocacy Support Cards
Visual supports to give students an easy non-verbal way to tell someone what they need, or to remember the kinds of help that they can ask for.

4. Autism Back to School Support Kit
Six pack bundle of tools to help autistic students ease into the new school year, including About Me activity book, Classroom Clues orientation activity, Who Can Help Me scenario worksheet and My First Day review activity.

5. Calm Down Choice Cards
Help students to manage their own behavior when feeling angry, frustrated or overwhelmed, and teach appropriate ways to calm down.

6. Autism Group Work Support Kit
Huge 10-pack bundle of tools to help autistic students find success with team work, including icebreaker games, badges and table labels, group role task cards, posters, group work social story and post-activity reflection activity.

7. Spot the Signs Sensory Posters
Handy posters to help you learn to spot signs of sensory seeking, avoiding and overload so you can step in early and reduce the impact on the student and classroom.

8. Classroom Friendly Fidget Toy Ideas
45 ideas for low-prep, easily accessible fidget toys that work well in the classroom.

9. Classroom Friendly Stimming Ideas
45 ideas for safe stimming options that are less distracting and don’t require prep or special equipment.

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Great one-stop bundle of essential classroom resources!