The Autism Prep Kit For Teachers


Learn how to make your classroom a welcoming space for autistic students

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If your children have a new teacher this year, or you’re a teacher who has an autistic student for the first time, this guide can help!

The kit has been designed to help teachers get a feel for what to expect and how to make their new student comfortable in the classroom.

Over 100 pages of information, tips and printables about:

  • Organizing learning spaces

  • Making schedules and visual supports

  • Understanding common autistic behaviours

  • Getting to know your new student

  • Ideas to help them settle in

Autism Prep Kit preview pages
Snagglebox Autism Prep Kit
Snagglebox Autism Prep Kit

Reviews & Feedback

I’m teaching an autistic student in my algebra class this year, have already found great ideas to implement with him! Thank you!


This helped our staff prepare for the needs of our students with autism to allow inclusion in the regular classroom. Thank you!


Packed with lots of good information!


Very helpful and informative. Thank you!


Love this! This was exactly what I needed. I will be teaching an ASD cluster this year for the first time and this will be my bible.


This really helped me as a new teacher when I had a student with autism. Thank you so much!!!


Very informative, everything is here!

Mrs Tragethon

I’ve worked with autistic kids before but never in my own self-contained classroom. Wonderful resource!


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Start making your classroom an autism-friendly space today!